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We went over information that will help manufacturing leaders navigate to a successful future beyond the COVID 19 pandemic.

Joseph Solheid - Director of Safety Sales with Fastenal will share best practices that his team has observed throughout America. These unique solutions may help you survive and thrive through these challenging times.


Joseph Solheid

Topics included:

  1. How to keep employees safe and productive.
  2. Unique solutions to solve tough problems in the global supply chain.
  3. Success stories from across the country.

About Fastenal:

Today, Fastenal is many things to many different customers: an expert consultant, a logistics company, a technology provider, and more generally, a distributor of wide-ranging industrial and construction products. These aspects of our service share a common foundation: great people, close to our customers.

Our service model centers on approximately 3,200 in-market locations (a combination of public branches and customer-specific onsites), each providing custom inventory and a dedicated sales team to support local customers. These locations are supported by our global distribution network, a closely-aligned supplier network, robust sourcing, quality and manufacturing resources, and multiple teams of subject matter experts and support personnel – all working toward Fastenal’s common goal of Growth Through Customer Service®.

Joseph Solheid, QSSP

FASTENAL - Director of Safety Sales

Eastern U.S + MN-ND-SD. / Canada / Puerto Rico / Dominican Republic

Ph. 507-313-7158 | Efax. 507-494-0765

Cell. 612-554-4667 | Email.