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Frequently Asked Questions

General Membership 

How many members do you have?
  • To date, GMA has 330 company memberships that represent around 60,000 employees in Georgia.
How does the membership work? 
  • Memberships are company wide and the dues are based on full time employees in Georgia. Each employee in your company can attend our events at member rates and registration is required for all GMA events. We restrict attendance at plant tours to two people per company to allow all of our members to enjoy the experience. 
Do you have individual memberships?
  • No. All memberships are company based.
Do you have to be a manufacturer to join?
  • No. Service companies (non-manufacturing) are invited to join GMA but they must submit a list of five current manufacturing clients that they are serving for a reference check.  Please send to
How many from my company can attend each event?
  • The Summit and most  of our educational and training events have no restrictions, but we typically restrict attendance for plant tours to a maximum of two from each company.
Can I come as a guest to an event to try out GMA before I join?
  • Yes, as long as you are not in conflict with any of the named reserve seats for the networking sessions. You do have to register as a non-member.  If you are a FIRST TIME manufacturer, please contact our office for a complimentary code.
How can I receive a company listing in the Georgia Manufacturing Directory?
  • Receiving a company listing in the directory is simple, just join GMA and you will be included in the online directory and in 2 editions of the desktop printed version.  The Directory is mailed to our members and the top manufacturers in the state. Basic membership includes a 100 word company description. Logos are included in the directory for annual sponsors. Display ads are available for purchase in the directory. For more information, visit
Can I be a speaker at the Georgia Manufacturing Summit?
  • Annual sponsors are first on the list to be considered for speaking opportunities at the summit. We will consider other current members as space allows.  Please submit a request to
Are there any volunteer opportunities – how do I get more involved?
  • Yes, we have opportunities to be on the following committees: Membership, Veterans, Events, Summit, Awards
    Please submit your name and your committee interest to 


How do the chapters work?
  • GMA established regional chapters to help develop smaller groups inside the statewide organization. In addition to streamlining communications, the goal is to foster a more cohesive local team. This chapter structure also aids companies who are trying to identify service providers in their area.
How do I select my chapter?
  • You should select the chapter that is closest to your primary business.
We are state wide or national. What chapter should we select?
  • You should select the chapter that is closest to your primary office.
Can I go to events in other chapters?
  • YES! Membership in GMA is state-wide with no boundaries or restrictions. We often see more attendees from out of the region who participate in our tours and training events. 

Networking Events

Do I have to be a member to attend a networking event?
  • No but you must confirm that you will not be in conflict with an existing member who has a reserved seat in the event you are attending.
Someone is already listed in my category in all of the networking groups. What do I do now?
  • Submit your name, company, and preferred category to, and you will be placed on a stand by waiting list. When a new session opens you will be notified.
How do I become the reserved provider at a networking session?
  • The reserved industries are for active GMA members only. Simply submit your name, company, and the category you would like to reserve to