MNN Member Spotlight - Synthica

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GMA Member Spotlight - Synthica Energy

Episode Summary

Grant Gibson, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of Synthica Energy shares his insights with MNN host Jason Moss on how industrial byproducts or organic waste streams can be converted into RNG (Renewable Natural Gas).

GMA Member Spotlight - Synthica Energy

Topics will include:

  • New Georgia Facility
  • Who can benefit from RNG
  • Positive impacts on the manufacturing industry and environment


Grant Gibson

About Synthica Energy

Synthica Energy is an anaerobic digestion development company bringing organics-to-energy facilities to underserved markets across the U.S. The company’s mission is to facilitate the diversion of pre-consumer organic waste away from landfills, abate the associated methane emissions, and convert the organic material into renewable natural gas (RNG). In doing so, Synthica aims to provide industrial manufacturers with a greener outlet for their organic waste and North American utilities with reliable access to RNG. The company focuses on “urban-friendly digestion,” incorporating multiple layers of odor control technology to minimize local impact. As a result, Synthica expects its facilities to seamlessly coexist in communities producing high amounts of organic waste. To learn more, visit

Who should attend:

Competitive Manufacturing Leaders who want to understand how they can reduce waste cost and help the environment

 If you have any specific questions you would like covered during this session, email them to