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The Effective Syndicate 

Beau Groover 

Topics covered:

  1. How to break through the plateau that many manufacturing leaders encounter.
  2. How to fix ineffective Continuous Improvement (CI) training with a quantifiable ROI.
  3. Develop your team while creating Buy-In from your culture.

About the Effective Syndicate:

We are a Business coaching firm.  We partner with competitive MFG leaders to guide them to take their organization to the next level. We evaluate the organization based on 3 holistic focus areas of People, Process, and Platform and help the organization harmonize these aspects so that the leader and organizations run to their potential.

Founded in Atlanta in 2015, the firm has built a comprehensive line-up made up of an Organizational Psychologist (People), a former Toyota Group Leader (Process), and a Lean Manufacturing IT specialist (Platform). When our clients get all three of these key areas synchronized, magic things happen. 

Unlike most other firms out there, we partner up with our clients and work side by side with the internal leaders treating their business with the same care as we treat our business.  Nothing excites us more than getting out there with the clients and getting sweaty and dirty with them. 

Who should listen to this podcast:

Competitive Manufacturing Leaders who want to take the next step.

Frustrated MFG leaders who know that there is a better way but haven’t been able to find it. 

Operational experts who need help navigating out of COVID situation. 

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