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The Manufacturing News Network (MNN) is the leading source for manufacturing professionals to stay up to date on information related to the Coronavirus and its impact on the industry.

How is the Coronavirus is impacting the manufacturing industry?

Manufacturing News Network is designed to help manufacturing leaders share best practices as they respond to the Coronavirus.

We understand that every company is unique, and they face different challenges. The ideas shared here will prove to be beneficial as we prepare for the future.

Manufacturers around the world have already been impacted by the Coronavirus, it is not just limited to China. Over the past few weeks, Italy has been quarantined completely. This quarantine affects the entire business community but we will focus our conversations on manufacturers and their end to end supply chain.

As manufacturers begin to prepare for a new normal. Manufacturing News Network is your source to stay up to date on how the Coronavirus is impacting the manufacturing industry. All of the information we gather will be shared with no restrictions.

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