Manufacturing Assemblies Corporation Announces Their Support of GMA and Georgia Manufacturing Summit

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Manufactured Assemblies Corporation is pleased to announce their sponsorship and ongoing support of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. Corporate sponsorship enables GMA to “Support Georgia’s Manufacturing Community”.

Jason Moss the founder and CEO of Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA) said today, “This is exactly the type of company our organization is designed to support and help prosper. Manufactured Assemblies Corporation has a stellar reputation within the manufacturing community and serves many well-known brands.” Moss goes on to add, “It is exciting to find a company who aligns so closely with our core values of customer service first while working to accomplish our mission to support, promote and grow manufacturing in Georgia.”

Randy Woody, VP and General Manager of Manufactured Assemblies Corporation stated, “We have seen this organization grow from just a few people gathering in a conference room each month to a state-wide powerhouse that has helped our business grow. The professionalism that is shown at every event is impressive. I’m excited to see the impact the 2015 Georgia Manufacturing Summit will have with the new format. As a vendor at the 2013 and 2014 Georgia Manufacturing EXPO, I have seen first-hand that GMA delivers.”

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