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We have had some amazing tours and interviews during our first two weeks on the road with the Manufacturing Success in Georgia Book Tour. Click on the red play button below to see some video footage of our visits.

Some of the highlights of the tour include:

6/8/2021 - Lummus Factory Tour (see Recap Video)

6/8/2021 - Lummus Interview - Ross Rutherford and Richard Radunzel

6/9/2021 - Coming Soon - (Interview with Dianne Dent-Wilcox - Co-Author - Book Owners ONLY)

6/10/2021 - American Metalcraft - Interview - Holly Gotfredson

6/10/2021 - DeNyse Corporation - Interview - Mark DeNyse and Dave Caplin

6/15/2021 - Pye-Barker - Interview - Eric Lunsford

6/17/2021 - Murray Plastics - Interview - Ed Bishop

6/21/2021 - Daniel Defense - Interview - Marty and Cindy Daniel

6/23/2021 - Bobby Dodd Institute - Interview - Joe Paolini

6/29/2021 - Gwinnett Technical College - Interview - Melvin Everson

7/1/2021 - Stuckey's - Interview - Stephanie Stuckey

7/6/2021 - Dieselgrid - Interview - Justin Hughes

7/8/2021 - Okabashi - Interview - Sara Irvani CEO and Kim Falkenhayn President

7/13/2021 - KIA Georgia - Interview - Stuart Countess, COO and Chris Miller, CAO

7/15/2021 - Prime Technological Services - Joint Networking Event with SMTA - Tour

7/29/2021 - Georgia Port Authority - Garden City Terminal - Tour

8/4/2021 - Blue Bird Corporation Interview - Ursula McNeill and Gabrielle Young

8/5/2021 - Iron Shield Brewery - Plant Tour

Learn more about these events on our Tours and Interview Page - CLICK HERE

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Manufacturing Success in Georgia details an amazing journey across the entire state and highlights the impact of manufacturing in both urban and rural Georgia. The book covers manufacturing's role from the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney to the most advanced business-class aircraft in the world produced by Gulfstream, including a wide range of industry segments from cotton to carpet, firearms to food, transportation to timber, among many others. 

A book-signing tour will include stops at many of the factories covered by the book. Beginning in early June, Jason and his wife Kandy will crisscross the state, visiting factories and interviewing industry leaders in their mobile studio. These interviews will be shared on social media and through their podcast Manufacturing News Network. The tour will promote the book and showcase great career opportunities in manufacturing.

 Many Americans have been permanently displaced from their careers due to shifts in the economy as a result of COVID-19. At the same time, manufacturers are competing for the best talent, so now is the perfect time to attract available talent to the manufacturing industry.

See for the tour schedule and route.  Factories will be hosting tours and others will be doing interviews only. Online registration is required for available public tours.

“We have so much to be proud of in Georgia. Our manufacturing community is amazing. This book and tour will highlight the success we have had in the past and help us make plans for an even brighter future.”  Jason Moss

 About the authors:

Jason Moss committed to help support and grow Georgia’s manufacturing community through the organization he founded in 2008, the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA). GMA’s mission of connecting, educating, and promoting manufacturing companies, engineers, and designers is accomplished through the wide range of events they provide. Members of this organization stay up-to-date with current trends, sell more products, and make the right connections. The publication of Manufacturing Success in Georgia fulfills Jason’s dream of teaching Georgia’s manufacturing history while promoting Georgia’s manufacturing future.  He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for GMA where he hosts a wide range of events to promote manufacturing and continually looks for ways to bring people and ideas together to increase success for all.

 Dianne Dent Wilcox, the daughter and sister of Georgia paper mill workers uses research, memories, and photographs to capture history. An award winner in history, writing, and education, Wilcox taught ten years of middle and high school, taught twenty years at Georgia Military College’s Warner Robins Campus, and in 2021 teaches English Composition at GMC’s Eastman campus. In 2018, she published Georgia Patchwork: Pictures and Personalities of 159 Counties; and in 2020, Planes, Trains, and Heroes: A Story of Warner Robins and the Robins Region, and co-wrote Manufacturing Success in Georgia with Jason Moss, Chief Executive Officer of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. Her other written works include Fort Hawkins and Frontier GeorgiaWrightsville Relatives, and Along the Garrison Road.


About Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA):

GMA is a membership-based industry organization founded in 2008 to support Georgia’s manufacturing community. GMA provides monthly plant tours, educational sessions, tradeshows, and unique networking opportunities designed to help make profitable business connections for its members. The Georgia Manufacturing Directory, Georgia Manufacturing Summit, Georgia Manufacturing Calendar, and Georgia Manufacturing Job Board are additional resources produced by GMA.  To learn more about the organization, membership, and upcoming events, please call 770-338-0051 or visit their website at