Are you ready for some GOOD NEWS?

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Watch this video to see how YOU can help other industry leaders while working through these tough times.


Are you ready for some GOOD MANUFACTURING NEWS?

Do you have some GOOD MANUFACTURING NEWS that you would like to share?

Are you fed up with being bombarded with constant negative news? Everywhere we turn the headlines showcase an abundance of what is wrong with the world. Television, newspapers, radio and social media seem to be working in unison to feed their audience with the most shocking and divisive content they can find in an effort to create more discord in our society with the ultimate goal of driving growth in their ratings.

It is true that we have a global pandemic that is impacting everyone. Many of the people I know are working harder than they ever had in their life just to keep up with demand while others have been devastated by physical, mental, financial or emotional hardships. But not every story has to be bad, there is often a silver lining to even the darkest clouds if you look for it. Proverbs 23:7 tells us “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” What we choose to think about most is what we create. If we focus on the negative around us, we will attract more negative, but if we can turn our attention to finding the good around us, we will attract more positive people and opportunities.

If you have ever been on a tour or attended an event with GMA, you have heard me ask the simple question “What did you like most about today?” This is a very intentional request that causes people to automatically direct their attention to their favorite part of the event. Notice that I didn’t ask “What did you think about today?”, because this type of open question does not serve us well. We have found that it is not beneficial to discuss neutral or negative issues. I will admit that it is fun to watch a room full of industry leaders compete to identify and share the most impressive part of the event so that they will be seen as a genius in front of their peers.

Are you ready for a CRAZY questions? – What is your favorite part of the coronavirus pandemic?

Did you notice what just happened? You probably were caught off guard because we have been conditioned to focus on the negative in everything. By changing the question, we change the answer that our mind is searching for. When we share our positive experiences, we cause others to think differently. I believe that this is the most beneficial “Best Practice” that we can share.

The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance is focused on our mission to “Support and Grow Georgia’s Manufacturing Community”. One of the ways we accomplish this mission is by providing a platform where industry leaders can share best practices. Typically, we provide manufacturing plant tours and networking events but this has not been an option since February. Over the past several months, we have provided an abundance of zoom meetings and conference calls, but we have a new way to share

The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance will publish the first-ever historical presentation of MANUFACTURING SUCCESS IN GEORGIA: An Illustrated History. This limited edition photography-rich coffee table book will focus on promoting the unique heritage and history of manufacturing in Georgia.

We have decided to add a BONUS chapter on how COVID-19 has impacted manufacturing and you can be a part of this project.

Simply submit an article (between 250 - 500 words) through the link below. Leaders from the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance Advisory Board will review them and the best three articles will be included in this book. If your article is selected as one of the three winners, you will receive a couple of copies of the book and you will be listed as a contributing author.

I encourage you to take this opportunity to share some of your best business tips, ideas, leadership philosophies, or lessons that you learned while working through these tough times. 

Several of the top manufacturing companies in Georgia are helping to make this book a reality by including their company history in the "Profile" section as a sponsor. This means that your article could be in the hands of top executives of Gulfstream, Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia - KMMG,  Southwire, Daniel Defense, KaMin and many more.

STOP what you are doing now and send in a brief article sharing your best ideas or suggestions to help support and grow Georgia's manufacturing community.

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