FAQ's - Georgia Manufacturing Council

Georgia Manufacturing Council


How do I join? What are the necessary steps?

Contact the GMA office at 770-338-0051 or support@georgiamanufacturing.com After learning a little about you and your background, we will schedule an in-person discovery meeting to determine if Georgia Manufacturing Council membership matches your professional and personal development plan.

Can I be a member of GMC, if I don't reside in Georgia?

Currently, Georgia Manufacturing Council (GMC) membership is exclusive to those executives in the state of Georgia.

How does my company benefit from my membership in GMC?

Your organization should expect improved business performance, time, and cost savings resulting from opportunities discovered, problems solved, better decisions, new ideas, and resources recommended. Membership in GMC also increases an organization’s general management “bench strength.”

What kind of issues are discussed at the meetings?

Anything is fair game. However, examples include forecasting sales in periods of rapid growth; translating your strategic plan to workers; planning for an acquisition; retaining good employees; managing rising health care costs; handling a problem supervisor, and many more.

How much time will I need to invest?

The minimum requirements are four all-day group meetings (held quarterly) and four personal One-on-Ones (up to 2 hours in length) with your Group Chair prior to each quarterly meeting. However, GMC is one of those experiences in which you get out of it what you put into it. For that reason, most members also meet informally with some of their group members to stay connected between meetings.

What if my boss doesn't feel I can afford to take that much time away from the office?

Members who get the most value out of GMC don't see the time spent as additional time. Rather, they use the meetings and their “personal board of advisors” to save them time by minimizing false starts, making better decisions, providing insightful feedback on project drafts, and recommending proven approaches and resources. You spend over 2,000 hours a year working; by spending less than 2 percent of your time on GMC, the other 98 percent of your time can be used to make better decisions and getting better results.

Is GMC a networking group?

Your GMC group is more focused on professional and personal development, but you can expect GMC to become one of the best networking groups that you have ever been involved with. The relationships that are formed when diving deep and gaining a different perspective is unmatched.

Georgia Manufacturing Council is not a social or business development networking organization, but rather a structured, hard-working peer development program.

How experienced must I be to be a worthwhile group member?

Age is less important than experience and knowledge. Diversity, an intrinsic desire to learn and a commitment to others are the cornerstones of the GMC experience. When those factors are present in a member, he or she will contribute positively.

If I join GMC, what is expected of me?

Attendance at the four quarterly group meetings, active participation in the meetings, preparedness for One-on-Ones, a commitment to the group, and adherence to strict confidentiality.

What are the characteristics of a first-rate GMC member?

The best GMC members demonstrate several important characteristics. These include: the ability to trust and be trusted, being open and vulnerable, a strong desire to learn and grow, an orientation to act, a commitment to confidentiality and a sense of responsibility to the group and its members.

What if I join GMC and it does not work out?

It would be rare to discover that GMC is not for you. But if it is not a fit, all you need to do is notify your Group Chair. He or she will try to help you determine whether it is the group or the GMC experience in general that is not working for you. Membership fees are billed quarterly in the spirit of pay as you go. There is no long-term contract.

Where are the meetings held?

Meetings are hosted on a rotation basis by the individual group members. When a member holds a meeting at his or her company, a facility tour or a presentation by one of the C-Suite executives of the company’s best practices is usually featured. New members are encouraged to host a meeting within their first year of membership so other members can become better acquainted with the new companies.

Do the meetings include outside speakers?

Speakers are occasionally included in group meeting agendas. However, the strength and value of GMC reside in presenting and discussing/working member-specific topics and issues. The GMC program does include access to two relevant business leadership seminars each year delivered by world-class speakers and teachers outside of your group meetings.

What if I must miss a meeting?

Groups are serious about regular attendance. A single member’s absence diminishes the learning potential for everyone. Infrequent absence is tolerated because, understandably, things do come up, but the goal for all members is to have near-perfect attendance.

Does GMC participation qualify for CPE or CEU credits?

Yes, the four quarterly GMC group meetings and the two Executive Focus seminar opportunities offered as part of your membership typically qualify for continuing professional education (CPE) credits. Our understanding is that any program conducted by a professional facilitator that enhances professional development qualifies for CPE or CEU credits.