MNN Roundtable - Finance 3-19-20

Posted By: Jason Moss MFG NEWS NETWORK,


Industry leaders share their insights and tips as it relates to how they are dealing with the Coronavirus.

Learn how Sonnen, Inc. and HLB Gross Collins are dealing with the impact of the Coronavirus with their company. We had high-level discussions about how manufacturing companies should be preparing their finance department for business interruption.  


Watch this video to see Jason Moss interview:
Laura Madajewski - HLB Gross Collins
Joshua Lebarre - Sonnen, Inc.
on working through tough times.


Thanks to our friends at HLB Gross Collins for sponsoring this session.


Finance Roundtable Notes 3/19/2020

Learn more about H.R.6201 - Families First Coronavirus Response Act
H.R 6201

Consolidated Show Notes - Download Here



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Thanks again to Laura Madajewski with HLB Gross Collins for Sponsoring this session!