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The Keynote & Educational Sessions from the 2018 Georgia Manufacturing Summit are now available.

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This welcome video is provided at no cost to give you some insight into what was covered in the 2018 Georgia Manufacturing Summit.

Morning Keynote with Eric Rojek, VP Thrush Aircraft

Educational Sessions

Trends To Track In Supply Chain  Manufacturing a Better Bottom Line International Manufacturing
Workforce Development  Disruptive Technologies


Trends To Track in Supply Chain

This panel is comprised of Georgia business leaders who understand the challenges of maintaining a successful supply chain.

“Trends to Track in Supply Chain” offers helpful insight on critical business issues that manufacturers face. The panel tackled four key themes: “the Four T’s”: Technology, Transportation, Talent & Trade/Tariffs.

“We've approached this panel discussion by tackling topics that I hear top-of-mind from speaking with hundreds of manufacturing professionals and leaders,” said Scott Luton, Executive Vice President of APICS Atlanta and moderator for the session. “With a few exceptions, what has made manufacturers successful over the last 20 years won't necessarily make them successful over the next 20 years.”

Scott Luton - Managing Partner at TalentStream

Karin Bursa – Executive VP of Marketing of Logility

John Holly – Deputy Chief People Officer for Kumho Tire

Chris Jones – Executive VP of Marketing for Decartes

Brent Rogers – VP of Distribution and Transportation for Southwire



Manufacturing A Better Bottom Line

How to Power Profitability at Every Level of Your Business – An interactive conversation

This panel will be comprised of Georgia business leaders who understand the challenges of leading a successful organization. They will offer tips and ideas and will take questions from the audience. Focused on CEOs, CFOs, Controllers, and HR executives, this panel will address how to power profitability at every level of your business.

Who should attend: CEOs, CFOs, Controllers, HR executives

Topics covered:

- Insights and Tools to Make Financing Work for Your Business

- How your manufacturing business can make the most of tax reform

-International Purchasing: Unlocking Hidden Value via FX

- Lean Journey -- How do I get started?


International Manufacturing:
Building Domestic Growth and a Competitive Edge Through Exports

This panel is comprised of Georgia business leaders who understand the challenges of international trade.

Who should attend: Purchasing / Export/ Logistics

Topics covered:

- Increase sales by leveraging the demand for U.S. products overseas.
- Understand the key dynamics that will guide a successful export program.
- Learn from success stories you can build from.

Join our panel discussion regarding the opportunities available for all size manufacturing companies ready to take their organization to the next level.

This session is sponsored by EWISE Communications

Joanne Sanders President is the moderator of this session.


Developing Georgia's Winning Workforce

This panel is comprised of Georgia business leaders who understand the challenges of maintaining a successful workforce.

Who should attend: CEO / Human Resources

Topics covered:

- What programs are available and what is working
- Generational Gaps
- Leadership Training Game Plans

This session is sponsored by JC Malone and is moderated by Jamey Jackson


Disruptive Technologies

The pace of Disruptive Technologies can be affected by a host of issues, including cyber security, government regulation, and most importantly, the consumers’ ability to adapt and accept change. In this era of endless innovation, the only prediction you can be 100% assured of is that the future will look very different from today.

The Disruptive Technologies Educational Tour, held in conjunction with The Georgia Manufacturing Summit, will address some of these challenges by providing a full day dedicated to the discussion of the technologies most likely to impact Georgia’s manufacturing companies today and in the future. Cloud & Wire, the Technology Education Partner, has assembled a notable lineup of industry influencers and subject matter experts to educate Summit attendees on: Artificial Intelligence • Cyber Security • Global Communication • Internet of Things • Network Planning • Robotics • Software-defined data centers, and more.

Hot topics covered will be:
1. Why Georgia manufacturers are moving to private collocated data centers and not the public cloud.
2. Simplifying the management of corporate and remote facilities in the modern data center.
3. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to secure your intellectual property.
4. The unfair advantage of moving your computer and analytics to the Cloud.
5. The Internet of Things and ways to enable manufacturers for better success.
6. The new era of telephone and communications for manufacturing in the Cloud.