360 Challenge - Membership Drive

Are you up for a worthy challenge???

Our goal is to reach 360 manufacturing members by the Summit on October 9th!

You have a unique opportunity to actively participate in the growth of GMA and have a positive impact on your friends and colleagues.

The GMA 360 Membership Drive is focused on growing the manufacturers in our organization to 360 active members. Below you will see our current membership level and we update this number as we add new manufacturers as GMA members.

The leaders of our networking sessions have stepped up to the challenge and are competing to have the most growth. The results are shown below. In May we will have a huge celebration as we recognize the winners - The "Steak and Beans" dinner. The leading chapter with more than 20 new manufacturing members will be served steak while the losers will get to enjoy a light meal of beans.

If you are interested in participating in this fun contest, add your name to the list below.

All 360 members will receive special communication and tools to help during the contest.


Networking Steak and Beans Contest

Prizes and recognition will be awarded for the following:

Team Awards:

Most New Manufacturing Members (over 20) will win a Steak Dinner (to be served by the losing teams)

Individual Awards:

First Strike - The first member with three new manufacturing members

Super Star - Most new members

FREE AGENT - For anyone who refers a new member during the contest period that is not an active member of a networking chapter.


Contest Date: Feb 1 - April 30

Each new member must indicate who referred them and which networking chapter you are involved in... ie. Referred By: [YOUR NAME] / Cobb

The Chapter options are - Cobb, Gwinnett, Alpharetta or Free Agent

If you are not actively involved in a networking group, just have your new member use your name and Free Agent as the chapter. ie. Referred By: [YOUR NAME] / Free Agent

Current Manufacturing Members - 118

Alpharetta Team led by JoAnne Sanders

Total New Members  --   0

Cobb Team led by Laura Madajewski

Total New Members  --   1

Welcome Trevor Smith with Sprout Lighting

Gwinnett Team led by Henry Levine

Total New Members  --   0

FREE AGENT - GMA Member Not Affiliated With A Networking Group

Total New Members  --   0