Manufacturing Mastermind - Overview


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What is the Manufacturing Mastermind and who will it help?

The Manufacturing Mastermind is a professionally facilitated executive peer group that helps leaders find solutions to their toughest challenges. Members learn from the collective wisdom of the group during the regularly scheduled events. The solutions shared through these sessions help plant managers, executive leaders, and owners be more innovative and effective in their operations, human resources, finance, culture, and safety. All conversations and topics are highly confidential and remain strictly between the peer group members to foster a safe environment for openness.

Who is a good candidate?

 Growth-minded leaders in successful manufacturing organizations who enjoy learning from others and sharing best practices.

 Successful members meet the following criteria:

  • You understand the quote, "It is lonely at the top." and you are ready to find a solution
  • You often feel overworked and overwhelmed and are looking for more time freedom
  • You constantly strive to be more effective
  • You want to make a positive and lasting impact on the success of the company
  • You are willing to invest in your self-improvement with time and finances
  • You are actively looking for ways to get input from peers that are not in your company
  • You have a true desire to help others succeed

This program is NOT for anyone who aligns with the following:

  • You know everything there is to know about manufacturing
  • You’re okay with excuses running your life
  • Your automatic response to everything is “No”
  • Your focus is on why things won’t work
  • You aren’t willing to commit to showing up at Mastermind events or calls
  • You only implement ideas that you create

As a member of the Manufacturing Mastermind, you will develop a 3 to 5 step plan to get results in operations, workforce, finance, and safety.

Other topics that will be addressed include:

  • Governmental regulations
  • Time management
  • Working in the business and not ON the business
  • Business development - finding new markets to sell
  • Innovation - building a culture to create new products or applications

Event Structure:

The Manufacturing Mastermind meets quarterly for full-day events. These events include a mix of plant tours, in-depth member discussions, and guest speakers. Each member has the opportunity to share current challenges, and the group provides actionable suggestions to resolve the issues. 

Bonus networking dinners and "Fun Day" events are included throughout the year.   

Dates for Manufacturing Mastermind 2024 are:

February 15
May 15
August 16
November 13

Next Step

To be considered for membership, complete the Manufacturing Mastermind application and schedule a Discovery Zoom meeting (see below). This screening process will ensure that the program is a good fit for the applicant and the applicant meets the proper requirements.

The total number of members in each group is very limited.

We are now accepting applications for membership to the Manufacturing Mastermind for 2024.


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