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Yuhara MFG USA, Inc.

Yuhara MFG USA, Inc.

5974 US Highway 129 N., Suite A-B
Pendergrass, GA 30567
United States
(706) 693-0855 x 21
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Company Overview

Yuhara MFG USA, Inc. is an automotive parts manufacturer specializing in metal processing. We are located in Pendergrass, GA with a manufacturing facility of 25,200 sq. ft. Yuhara USA specializes in precision cutting of metal rods (pipes, tubes, shafts and etc.). Yuhara Manufacturing Group has production facilities in Japan and Thailand that serve the automotive, aerospace and medical equipment industries through technologies such as (1) precision cutting, (2) bending and (3) bonding (brazing) of metal components.
Hanako Lida General Manager
Haruki Sato President
 GMA Logo Associate 1-100

Areas of Expertise Motor Vehicle Parts And Accessories