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Totall Metal Recycling, Inc.

Totall Metal Recycling, Inc.

2700 Missouri Avenue
Granite City, IL 62040
United States
(618) 877-0585
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Company Overview

TMR offers recycling, dismantling, destruction, and asset management services to industry. We process and place metals into consuming markets, assisting our smelters’ and refiners’ conversion of scrap into new finished products. We specialize in copper, lead, tin, zinc, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, titanium, and electronic waste (E-scrap) for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium precious metal recovery. We engineer, maintain, and operate mechanical equipment to upgrade scrap recoveries and value. We offer long-term pricing commitments, custom services, and logistical support. Our clients supply us with all forms of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, including solid metal, bonded metals, insulated wire, turnings, skimmings, slags, grindings, floor sweepings, powders, dusts, dross, ashes, and sludges. Complex residues must be handled with great care and concern for the environment. Because of this, we continue to make investments in our facility, constantly upgrading our environmental status. We guarantee our clients that their materials will be treated at a site with a solid environmental record.
Bill Zielske
 GMA Logo Associate 1-100

Areas of Expertise Scrap And Waste Materials