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KarryOn Solutions LLC

KarryOn Solutions LLC

2851 Riverfront Drive
Snellville, GA 30039
United States
(770) 289-1297
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Company Overview

KarryOn Solutions helps you keep people and stuff from getting damaged. Companies we represent make & design reusable packaging to ship and store parts, manage tools, kit for assembly, build customized plant fixtures and provide cases for marketing, instruments, tools. etc. - Fabricated foam, plastic, wood, and corrugated returnable/reusable packaging, assembly kits & partitions. Returnable metal racks for part transport. - Economical "Lego" kit for adjustable workstations, racks, carts, etc. Reusable components let you experiment and reconfigure without scrap. - Custom cases and crates for trade shows, marketing, military deployment, and travel. Tool cases & drawer inserts.
Larry Woods
Larry Woods Innovationist Trainee
 GMA Logo Associate 1-100

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