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FD-Groups America Inc.

FD-Groups America Inc.

2265 Roswell Rd., Suite 100
Marietta, GA 30062
United States
(770) 509-2298
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Company Overview

FD-GROUPS America is the new North American entity of France-based FLUIDESIGN Group. Leveraging our expertise in pressurized fluid, we help in the design of new products and solve issues related to: hydraulics, pneumatics, thermal, electromechanical and vehicle dynamics. Our services include 1D and 3D Dynamic Simulation for processes and/or product designs to save time in the design cycle, reduce rework costs, decrease the fine tuning period, and validate the sizing of components prior to production. We can also work on improved productivity cadence and on lowering energy costs. We specialize in developing and manufacturing custom hydraulic components adapted to our customers' applications.
Celine Cabana
Celine Cabana Technical Account Manager
 GMA Logo Associate 1-100

Areas of Expertise
Engineering Services