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BNSF Logistics

BNSF Logistics

1105 Lakewood Parkway, Suite 130
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(770) 480-8403
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Company Overview

You need visibility, innovation, business intelligence, and cost savings to keep pace with competitors and maintain growth goals. Our Managed Transportation Team moves beyond the traditional 3PL model that solely focuses on shipment execution. We step back to take a broader look at your supply chain, illuminating processes, and possible inefficiencies, analyzing how we can make them better, and taking action to optimize everything from processes to mode selection through audit and payment. To manage the full scope of your logistics needs, we collaborate with you to gain a deep understanding of your business, end-to-end processes, key initiatives, and goals. From order placement through planning, optimizing, executing, freight audit and payment, and handling claims, we look to create full transparency into your procedures and transactions, so we can make strategic improvements to your supply chain strategy. Let our transportation management experts be your full-time advocates for continuous improvement.
Kyle Weber
Kyle Weber Director, Enterprise Business Development
Craig Stack Senior Sales Manager, Global Network Sales
 GMA Logo Associate 1-100

Areas of Expertise
Transportation and Trucking Services